Server X

ServerX is a webserver that connects to C-Gate. This allows you to create webpages that are able to control C-Bus Networks. Interactive webpages are written using Java Server Pages (JSP).

The ServerX software is also able to provide remote monitor and control of HomeGate and Schedule Plus via a web browser. ServerX gives web access to HomeGate or Schedule Plus project by passing screen images from HomeGate and Schedule Plus to your web browser and returning user interactions to HomeGate or Schedule Plus.

Version 1.0.1a (5.5MB)

List of new features and changes available here: Readme.txt (2KB)

Sun Java SDK

ServerX requires the Sun Java SDK. The Sun Java SDK is the development platform for creating Java applications. This is required to compile the JSP pages used by ServerX.

Version (53MB)


Due to limitations of the Java SDK JSP compiler it is important that the SDK is installed in a location with no spaces in the file path. The installer above by default uses a correct installation path. If you have already installed the SDK using Sun installer then you may need to uninstall and reinstall without spaces in the file path.