C-Bus Installation Software

C-Bus Installation Software is no longer supported. Please use the C-Bus Toolkit Software for commissioning C-Bus Installations.

The C-Bus Installation Software was used to program units on a C-Bus Networks. It does not support most units released by CIS over the last couple of years.

Old Versions

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C-Gate 1.5

C-Gate 1.5 is deprecated. Please use C-Gate 2.x available with the C-Bus Toolkit Software

The C-Gate software application monitors and controls the components of the Clipsal C-Bus wiring system. It can be run on a separate server or in the background on a computer running other C-Bus front end software such as HomeGate or other building management systems. It provides high speed, high level control and monitoring of one or more C-Bus networks. In addition it uses industry standard TCP/IP interfaces to support multiple C-Bus networks, multiple connections from one or more building management systems or webservers.

Old Versions

C-Gate Server Software (Update) 1.5.3 Build 1103
CGate1103.zip (400KB)
Note: This is a patch only, CGate 1.5 must already be installed. (CGate patch 1.5.1 is *not* required)

C-Gate Server Software (Update) 1.5.1 Build 1099
CGate1099.zip (300KB)
Note: This is a patch only, CGate 1.5 must already be installed.

C-Gate Server Software Ver 1.5 Build 1098
cgate.zip (16MB)

C-Touch & PAC Firmware

The C-Touch & PAC Firmware is the software that runs inside the C-Touch Touchscreen or Pascal Automation Controller unit. The Firmware is transfered to the unit using PICED Software

This firmware is for the black and white touchscreen and not the colour touchscreen.

C-Touch & PAC Firmware V2.2
Compatible with PICED V3.0 +

Old Firmware versions

C-Touch & PAC Firmware V2.1
Compatible with PICED V3.0 +

C-Touch and PAC Firmware V2.0
Included with PICED Software V3.0+

C-Touch Firmware V1.9
C-TouchFirmware1_9.zip (246KB)

C-Touch Configuration Software

The C-Touch black and white touch screen provides a graphical user interface for the monitoring and control of a C-Bus system. The C-Touch Configuration Software is used to tailor the appearance and operation of the user interface to a client's requirements.

C-Touch Configuration Software is now called the PICED Software.

C-Touch 1.2.zip (6.5MB)