C-Bus Product Overview Catalogue


Innovative control solutions. Residential or commercial environments

File Size: 4.6Mb

Order Code: 22762

C-Bus Commercial Brochure


File Size: 1.26Mb

Order Code: 25056

Infinity C-Bus Dimming Solutions


File Size: 4Mb

Order Code: 18492

Infinity C-Bus Professional Dimmer


File Size: 5.3Mb

Order Code: 18401

Infinity C-Bus Architectural Dimmer


File Size: 5.5Mb

Order Code: 18491

Six Star Automation Flyer


File Size: 2.7Mb

Order Code: 18030

C-Bus Thermostats


File Size: 249Kb

Order Code: 14785

Avanti Large Rocker Switch


File Size: 560Kb

Order Code: 14805

C-Bus MKII Black and White Touch Screen


File Size: 564Kb

Order Code: 14226

C-Bus Wireless, The 240 Volt Wireless Control System


File Size: 1.4Mb

Order Code: 9850


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